Electrodiagnostic Studies

These procedures are performed in the office and are helpful in the diagnosis of a wide variety of nerve and muscles disorders. Dr. Estronza is Board Certified by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine.


NCS shows how well the body’s electrical signals are traveling to a nerve. This is done by delivering small electrical impulses to a nerve and recording the responses. These impulses would cause a quick, mild, tingling feeling. The doctor may test several nerves.


For the EMG’s, a small, thin needle is inserted into several muscles to see if there are any problems. The doctor tests only the muscles necessary to decide what is wrong. There may be a small amount of pain during this part of the examination.

Practice Guidelines including those for the indication for EMG and NCV specific for certain diagnosis and when bilateral testing is appropriate is available at:


The AANEM website is a useful source of references regarding EMG and NCV.

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